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Invisalign Diamond Plus Specialist

Patients like you that are considering Invisalign are looking for more than an Invisalign Provider, which is available in most dental offices. At GoClear, we are treating more patients with clear aligners than 99% of the world. The Invisalign team has designated GoClear as a Diamond Plus Top 1% provider – the highest distinction possible.


Get treated by one of the top orthodontists in the Carolinas!

At GoClear Orthodontics, our board certified orthodontist, Dr. Martin Avey, is in the Top 1% in the world. He and his team offer you comprehensive treatment options for Invisalign, Mini-Ortho and Traditional Braces. The team believes that Orthodontics is not just a treatment or a process but a journey they take with you towards better-looking and functioning teeth.

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