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Complimentary Smile Assessment

At GoClear Orthodontics, we like to roll out the red carpet. From the moment you enter our practice, you will be treated like family, with concierge level service. Our New Smiles Coordinator will greet you, introduce our staff, and discover what’s important to you on your smile journey. We take our time to get to know you (and your teeth) and reserve 60 minutes for your Complimentary Smile Assessment with us.

GoClear Orthodontics
GoClear Orthodontics

Evaluating Patients' Dental Health With a Digital Scan

We begin with a 3D digital video scan, utilizing the iTero Element intraoral scanner to develop a full-color digital model of your current teeth alignment and bite relationship. This powerful visual is not only how we create custom appliances for you like evaluating and 3D-printed retainers, but the iTero allows to educate and teach about your smile, and provide a real-time Outcome Simulation. You don’t have to imagine how your teeth will move – we can show you! Our team will also photograph your smile and capture panoramic and lateral x-rays to help determine overall dental health, jaw growth, and facial patterns. Once we've collected these digital records together, we'll chat with the smile master himself, our Orthodontist, Dr. Martin Avey. Completing a comprehensive oral examination, Dr. Avey will review your exam findings, your iTero simulation, and discuss your treatment options.

GoClear Orthodontics
GoClear Orthodontics

Adjusting teeth on Itero

Your #GoClearJourney may be a simple touch-up for that one pesky tooth, or the most comprehensive smile and bite transformation imaginable! The sky is the limit with our advanced technologies and specialty care, and the goal of our Complimentary Smile Assessment is to discover the all-inclusive option that is best suited to you and your needs - so you can GO and Look Your Best!

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