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GoPlay Mouthguards

Do you play contact sports like football, basketball, wrestling or martial arts? If so, you should wear a GoPlay mouthguard!

Fact: Did you know 39% of dental injuries are sports related? These injuries can be devastating and tooth trauma can be a very painful and scary experience!

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GoPlay mouthguards can save you from emergency dental treatment!

A mouthguard is a dental device that is worn during contact and recreational sports or when collisions are likely to occur, and to prevent injuries to the mouth, teeth, and gums.

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Why choose a GoPlay mouthguard?

  • It is FREE!!!
  • We use the best 3D technology, so no goopy impressions!
  • It is custom fit to your teeth, comfortable and durable!
  • Easily worn over your upper teeth!
  • Different color options
  • We will donate $10 per mouthguard to your school

Contact our office at 803-650-3068 or to learn more about how GoPlay will support your community and to schedule your free appointment!

Damaged teeth do not grow back! Be safe and protect your teeth by wearing a GoPlay mouthguard!