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Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Treatment Discount

For parents that are considering getting treatment at the same time as their child.

Did you have your teeth straightened in the past but you’ve had some tooth movement since then? When you bring your child in for treatment at GoClear Orthodontics, you get a bonus treatment for yourself, for only $500, that’s $2000 off of your mini-ortho treatment! You put everyone else first and at GoClear Orthodontics we want to say, Thank you, Mom and you are appreciated! to You are appreciated, Mom, thank you! In fact, after addressing thousands of cases himself, he trains the country’s best orthodontists on cutting edge orthodontic techniques at Invisalign.

What is a GoClear Mini-Orthodontic Treatment?

GoClear Mini-Orthodontic Treatment is a unique orthodontic plan that offers customized tooth movement using cutting-edge 3D-printed aligners to improve your smile for many years to come! Mini-Orthodontic Treatment is a hybrid of active aligners, reversing the effects of aging and tooth shifting, and a long-term retainer plan to protect against clenching and grinding to prevent future unwanted tooth movement.


Mini Orthodontic Treatment That Fits Your Lifestyle