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Why we built our first office in Kingsley Fort Mill?

The team at GoClear Orthodontics is proud to announce their first location for their South Carolina practices in Fort Mill, York County. After months of research, and working with orthodontists for close to a decade, the team knew they needed an area of the Carolinas that was rich in community, culture and had a firm grasp on the direction it was heading. It only took a few conversations with some of the board members on the Fort Mill Economic Council, to know we had made the right choice and on top of finding an area that was uniquely situated for the practice, the area had a vibrant working and at-home community. They knew that this kind of city would have the right make-up, where the new vision for how an orthodontist would treat cases using clear aligners as the main technique would be appreciated.

With some of the biggest employers in the greater Charlotte metro area moving their headquarters across the border to York County, GoClear Orthodontics knew an orthodontist with a convenient location and drive up U-First service would provide what the community has been looking for. Some of those employers are LPL Financial, Lash Group AmerisourceBergen, Red Ventures, Movement Mortgage and more are moving there every day.

One of the companies that have worked with the majority of these Fort Mill businesses as their brands launched was Modulex of the Carolinas. A good friend of one of the founders, John Elvington, is an owner at Modulex and had a fantastic way of putting it:

“I’ve loved living in Fort Mill, so why not move my business here? With the ample green space at the Anne Springs Close Greenway, growing local businesses within developments such as Kingsley, and a revitalization of the downtown area, Fort Mill combines the social appeal and talent pool of a big city, but has the green space and welcoming community of a small town.”

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For a longer list of reasons why Fort Mill is the right choice for our practice, as well as any other business owner, entrepreneur, or community leader, check out the list below.

  • It is close enough to Charlotte, North Carolina, that it is considered to most locals to be an extended suburb of the growing metropolis, yet far enough away to give its community the chance to avoid the busy city feel. It is easy for anyone to hop on I-77 and be in uptown Charlotte in a little under a half-hour, allowing them to enjoy all that the city has to offer, yet when you return to Fort Mill, you’re back to more laid back suburban living. (Kingsley Fort Mill)
  • The local housing market is exploding and there are lots of new townhomes, homes, and multi-family apartments popping up all over town. Whatever attributes you are looking for in a new home, odds are you can find it here since there are ponds, forests, and lakes all available within a short drive. With all of the people moving to town, there are all types of businesses moving in. With plenty of restaurants, retail stores, and businesses close by, you don’t have to go very far to find exactly what you need.
  • The Charlotte uptown is home to several major banks and all types of businesses, so many commuters choose to live outside the city limits to call Fort Mill their home. Being so close to I-77 and 485 allows everyone close proximity to the Charlotte Douglas Airport, which makes travel for business or fun more convenient.
  • The entire Charlotte metro area knows that the Fort Mill school district is regularly ranked as one of the highest in the state, making it a fantastic place to send your kids. Also, there are several private school options and quality child development centers as well.
  • If you are looking around Kingsley Fort Mill to figure out what else is close by, it is not only close to Charlotte but also not far from the coast! You can hop in the car and be in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, or Hilton Head in just a few hours. It’s also less than an hour outside of Columbia, SC, which is home to the very special destination, the Riverbanks Zoo.
  • The weather in the Carolinas is beautiful most of the year. There are always four seasons, but York County and Fort Mill rarely see any snow. The spring and autumn seasons are pretty temperate, meaning the outdoor dining and recreational activities are always available to take advantage of.
  • Thankfully, even with the hyper-growth, the greater Fort Mill area ranks about average on cost of living and affordability, especially compared to Charlotte. Even gas prices are lower as South Carolina’s gas tax is fairly low, so many Charlotte residents come down to South Carolina to buy their gas.