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Advanced Orthodontics

Specialist Orthodontists - GoClear

Advanced Orthodontics..Your child has begun to have problems with their smile and you’ve taken them to your family dentist. They tell you they can’t do anything to solve their problem, and they are going to refer your child to an orthodontist for braces. That is going to cost an awful lot of money, now what?! Here’s some essential info that will help you make the best decisions for your child’s smile. With this information, you’ll have the confidence of knowing how to give your child the best smile possible!

Intro to Orthodontics

Orthodontists do a wide array of orthodontic procedures and treatments to fix children’s smiles, including braces, spacers, jaw alignment, and spacing issues. They can use surgery to fix many tooth problems your child has including spacing, crowding, over/under/crossed bites, flared teeth, narrow arches, and missing teeth. 

Usually, orthodontists won’t do a lot with children’s teeth until they have all of their adult teeth in and no more baby teeth to lose. If they still have any of their baby teeth, treatments won’t work as well, and the tooth can cause more problems if the tooth doesn’t have a way out of your child’s mouth. (advanced orthodontics)

Fixing your child’s tooth problems as soon as they begin to occur will be expensive, yes, but your child won’t end up with further problems down the road into adulthood. Giving them their best smile may be the best thing for your child, especially as they continue to grow up. Leaving an existing problem can leave your child in pain the rest of their life too, and fixing the problem later can be even more expensive for them than it already will be to fix it now.

Specialist Orthodontist

Specialist Orthodontists - GoClear

Specialist Orthodontists are next level dentists, who specialize in straightening teeth, and structural issues with your child’s teeth, gums, and jawbones. Orthodontists keep up to date on all of the new and changing technology that it takes to correct smiles. In order for a dentist to become an orthodontist, they have to attend two or three-year residency in advanced orthodontics, giving them more specialized training in the field, roughly 4,800+ hours of additional training.

Orthodontists are also trained in surgical practices on the oral areas of the face, where dentists aren’t typically trained. This means they can adjust your child’s jaw if need be, or surgically remove teeth without having to just pull them out to get their teeth straight. 

When it comes to giving your child the best smile they can possibly have you need an orthodontist specialist. General dentists like to make a fuss about how they give people a perfect smile but it is the orthodontist specialist that really makes a difference in how good a smile can look. You can’t rely on the dentist forever. At some point, you’ll have to give your child to have a perfect smile by making an appointment with GoClear Orthodontics of Charlotte North Carolina. 

A dentist can help keep your teeth clean and make recommendations but when it comes to making an imperfect smile absolutely perfect in every way you need a specialist orthodontist. Give your child a perfect smile with GoClear Orthodontics. You see GoClear Orthodontics isn’t like any other orthodontic service in the area. We don’t just take x-rays and charge for whatever will make us the most money and bring in top dollar. Here at GoClear Orthodontics actually care about each and every person that walks through our doors. We want you and your child to feel satisfied with their smile.

The only way to do that and achieve those results is to give it our all and put everything into making it possible to have the smile that you’ve been dreaming of. As you’re about to discover not everyone can deliver on that. This is what makes GoClear Orthodontics different from any other orthodontic service in the Charlotte area.      

Charlotte Orthodontics

Not all orthodontists offer the same quality as GoClear Orthodontists in Charlotte, NC. We promise to give you the best care we can offer, keeping your child safe, happy, and we will explain everything to them so they understand all that will be happening. Your child’s smile is our number one priority so they have a smile that lasts year after year with no further problems.

We offer a free 30 minute to 1-hour consultation with you and your child to see if we can fix the problem, and see which service will best fit your child’s situation. In this consultation, any examination is free as well.

Treatments we offer are to straighten your child’s smile, prevent further damage to their teeth, fix any jaw alignment problems, and proper teeth spacing. 

We can also get free retainers for when your child’s smile is in its proper position, they will keep their smile staying the same, and prevent anything from getting worse over time.

All of our services and treatments are custom made to each patient’s needs. We will decide with you what the best course of action is, and have your smile fixed within a few years.

You won’t get the same quality of service or expertise anywhere else in Charlotte Orthodontics North Carolina. When it comes to orthodontic work no one is as exceptional or pays as much attention to detail as the orthodontic specialists at GoClear Orthodontics

Go for Perfection with GoClear Orthodontics

If you want the best work and the best price you want GoClear Orthodontics of Charlotte North Carolina. When you work with us you’re not just getting orthodontic services for your child you’re making an investment in the quality of their smile. Remember your smile affects you for your entire life which means the smile you give to your child by working with the right orthodontist is crucial. (advanced orthodontics)

Don’t hesitate your the development maintenance and form of your child’s teeth should be a top priority for you as a parent.  

Want to give your child the best smile they can get? Then you’ll want to give GoClear Orthodontics a call and make an appointment!