Current Patients

At GoClear Orthodontics, we believe that you are the center of the universe. That is why we adhere to our foundational principles by following best practices and utilizing extreme attention to detail for both treatment and convenience. It’s for that reason, we want you to know that your treatment outcome is directly affected by your self care!  No matter how busy you are, we will always find a way to make time for an extra appointment, phone call, email or even text message to help answer any questions before, during and after treatment you may have.

We built our practice around what we know you want, the utmost in flexibility!  To support that cause, ask our team how you can take advantage of the planning we are willing to do to fit your individual lifestyle, budgetary concerns, and dental needs.  What you haven’t picked up in our comprehensive evaluations, you may find easy to understand in our education events.  Call to sign up for our next month’s event!

During each consultation, our orthodontist will discuss your treatment in detail, explaining how Invisalign will work for your case. As the technology has advanced, Invisalign has enabled our team to handle almost any case, from simple to more complex. The consultation is an opportunity to ask any of your questions whether it be about Invisalign treatment, costs, dental or orthodontic insurance, or any other concerns you may have.