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Invisalign is Powerful

People think one of the biggest drawbacks of Invisalign is that it cannot do everything braces can do.  This may have been true five, or even ten years ago, but with some of the advances in technology and how we’re trained as modern orthodontists, Invisalign can do just about any movement under the sun the same or even better than braces.

With Invisalign, we can take a 3D or even 4D digital scan of your teeth and see right then and there what we can do with your teeth to achieve the bite and smile of your dreams.  Only a trained orthodontist will know how to safely and effectively make these corrections to get you your dream results.

Benefits of Invisalign over braces range from aesthetics to function.  Most cases can be treated with Invisalign and this means no unsightly or painful metal brackets and wires to get used to, and better hygiene.  Many times braces can cause calcifications or cavities on teeth if proper hygiene is not carefully followed.  Teens especially have trouble with this.  Brushing and flossing around bulky metal brackets gets tedious and difficult.  With Invisalign, you can completely remove the appliance and any attachments or buttons that are on your teeth to aid in movement are still easily brushed and flossed.  We see a great reduction in hygiene issues with clear aligner therapy.

The key to successful treatment with Invisalign is patient compliance.  Patients who wear their aligners the fully prescribed time, wear their rubber bands, and follow doctors directions can achieve  great results, in similar or reduced time, with fewer complications like broken brackets, wire pokes, or hygiene issues.

We’re not compromising on the vision for an amazing smile or difficult bite correction in using Invisalign.  This is not longer just for simple “straightening” of teeth. This is why we can use Invisalign for kids and teenagers with confidence.  Invisalign is on par with braces in all aspects of treatment, and excels in aesthetics and function!

Of course, for cases that require braces or those that really desire braces, our office does offer