Digital Smile Assessment

Your First Visit

At your first visit to GoClear Orthodontics, we will greet you with warm and positive energy and welcome you to the GoClear Family. Our team will lead you through a detailed analysis of your esthetics and function we call the Digital Smile Assessment (assess). This is a completely complimentary check-up that includes digital photographs, facial x-rays, and a digital video scan. Think of it as a routine physical for your smile! We’ll have a conversation with you about your primary concerns, and your doctor will always deliver a personal exam to uncover any other potential issues. Our primary goal here is education. Once you have all the information in front of you, you can smile confidently knowing you have treatment options like GoClear Protect, Refresh, and Transform.

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Orthodontic diagnosis is always based on the Digital Smile Assessment and begins before you even leave your first visit. Your doctor will recommend one or more of our treatment options and give you an estimate of overall treatment time. Between the first visit and starting aligner therapy, your doctor will be meticulously planning the details of tooth movement with digital simulation software. This treatment planning process can take 2-3 weeks and we will send you a final treatment simulation before you get started. Our treatment philosophy is based on modern bite correction techniques, making sure oral and facial harmony and stunning smiles are created. (assess)

What’s Next?  A Perfect Smile For Life…

GoClear Orthodontics strives to provide a comprehensive education for every patient that walks through our doors, so at the conclusion of your orthodontic evaluation, our doctor will discuss their findings in great detail. Our goal is for you to fully understand how your dental alignment is affecting your daily life and to offer resources and options for treatment.

Should you decide to move forward with treatment, you will find that the process is easy and informative. Rather than selling you on the latest and greatest on the market, our team will recommend the best treatment option based on your specific dental needs, ultimately leaving the decision to pursue treatment in your hands. We aim to be your guide during this process and respect whatever course of treatment you feel is most appropriate for you.

Finding success with your new aligners is largely dependent on if you have the right technology, programmed precisely to your aligner prescription using the iTero, and having received excellent training on how to use your aligners in your daily life.